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We believe a reliable good featured machine machine is an essential appliance for the family home. Consumers in the Brighton area are blessed with good weather and sunshine but do suffer from hard water as a result of the chalk in the South Downs. Recent improvements have made the choice more complicated than before. Take care before deciding on your next machine

Controls and Displays

Many machines are still controlled by a mechanical dial which is turned to select the desired programme. Why not consider one with a Digital Display giving you information on individual programmes as well as the expected time the cycle will finish. Detail also on the programme phase, the spin speed and any other extra functions that may have been selected?

Extra Large Doors

Many models in the recent years now use large doors or portholes that swing up to 180 degrees to help with the loading and unloading of clothes. These doors will invariably be fitted with a door lock preventing the user from opening the door whilst in use. This safety feature has

Energy and Performance

Look out for a machines with higher energy ratings as these savings increase dramatically with every wash. The A energy rating is now considered a typical rating for a good machine although we can suggest many machines that have scored better at A++, A+++ or more. Clothes and fabrics will be much drier after being spun in a 1400rpm fast spin model. We do wonder why this speed is not adopted as the industry standard as clothes may stretch if spun too long in a faster spin model. Most models will also use less water saving money in water and electricity bills.

Load capacities

Whilst it was quite normal to use a 4kg or 5kg machine only a few years ago, technological advances in design and bearings have resulted in the load capacities increasing to 6kg, 7kg and 8kg with little cost to the consumer. In fact it is possible to purchase larger load capacity machines up to 12kg within the same height and width dimensions (850cm x 600cm) of the standard machine. The drum size has also increased giving the option to load more into each wash thus saving time and energy.

Programmes and options

Washing machines offer different programmes for cottons , synthetics and wool garments. These may use different temperatures, spin speeds and lengths of time even within the selected programme. It is interesting to note that modern biological detergents will be very effective under 40 degrees C but rapidly loose their power once the temperature rises. The use of biological detergents has been a major reason for increases in energy efficiency but has led to longer wash times. Certain manufacturers however have introduced a fast wash programme that can wash a full load between fifteen and thirty minutes. Look for machines with a delay start option as programmes can be run in the early morning when electricity can be cheaper especially if using a white meter.

Why washing machines are now exclusively cold fill

All washing machines made today draw only cold water before heating it to the required level for the selected programme. Most machines did have hot and cold intakes up to a few years ago but it was realised that little hot water ever gets into these machines on most washes. Any hot water in household water pipes will rapidly cool requiring either hot water from the cylinder or fresh heated water. By the time it starts to run hot the washing machine has almost finished filling. This is particularly true nowadays because modern washing machines use a lot less water than ever before.

Names you can trust

Our Washing Machines , just like the rest of our domestic appliances, come from big name trusted manufacturers such as AEG, Bosch, Beko, LG, Miele and Zanussi.