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Why choose a Washer Dryer over a Washing Machine?

Local customers covered by this store as well as in Crawley and East Grinstead will agree that the major advantage of a Washer Dryer over a traditional Washing Machine is that it takes up the space of just one machine rather than two! This means that it is an ideal choice if space is an issue. Why not combine the standard advantages of a washing machine with the convenience of a tumble dryer in one appliance. Washer Dryers have improved dramatically in efficiency and reliability in the recent years. It is now possible to achieve great results in washing or drying in shorter periods of time. Look out for the energy ratings as the previous low results are now firmly in the past as most appliances will now reach A or B levels providing savings to our customers in Mid Sussex. Another great benefit is the sensor drying option or feature found on the drying cycle in many Washer Dryers that will stop the program when the clothes have reached the required level of dryness saving energy and ensuring consistent results. Other Washer Dryers may offer automatic detergent dosing to limit useage and intelligent systems to limit electric needs.

Energy Rating detail

A Washer Dryer energy rating would now be expected to range from A to B. This reflects the efficiency of the appliance when using electricity and water in use.

What is the best capacity Washer Dryer?

This is a question of personal choice as the larger capacity appliances often come with a higher price tag but remember that Washer Dryers are normally able to wash larger loads than they are able to tumble dry due to the fact that a certain amount of air must be able to pass through the clothes to maximise the drying process. A typical 8kg machine for example will be able to wash at this capacity but be able to typically tumble dry at lower levels of 4 to 5kg. Therefore this lower capacity should be borne in mind if looking to use the wash and dry in one programmes.

What is the best Washer Dryer spin speed?

In general the faster the spin the more water is extracted from the clothes. Although the higher spin machines are usually more expensive a higher spin will mean less energy is used when using the drying cycle.

Carters is the best choice for Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill customers

We have been trading in this area since 1987 giving good constructive advice on Washer Dryers over the year so why not visit our South Road Haywards Heath store to choose Washer Dryers from well known manufacturers? This Carters store also serves local Mid Sussex Towns such as Bolney, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, Lindfield, Ardingly and Uckfield.

Our Washer Dryers, just like the rest of our domestic appliances, come from big name trusted manufacturers such as AEG, Bosch, Beko, LG, Miele and Zanussi.