Freezers Chest


Chest freezers have been around for a long time. For many it is the ideal solution if there is need to store lots of food, and particularly if energy ratings are important to you. The heavier cold air will usually fall out of an upright freezer when the door is opened, hence the freezer has to work harder to maintain the optimum temperature. This does not happen when the counterbalanced lid is lifted on a chest freezer, since it is designed to stay in place when opened. Most chest freezers are not frost free; however, as long as they routinely defrosted before problems start, they should not give any trouble. The main cause of breakdowns and high running costs is a heavy build-up of ice. Reducing this build-up will significantly reduce the risk of expensive repairs, never mind the cost of inconvenience and having to restock the freezer afterwards. Please use the link below to view what chest freezers are on offer.

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