AEG Rewards Promotion 2018

AEG Cashback Promotion

Running from 21st February to 3rd April 2018: Please refer to full terms


Double Oven £100 cashback L9FEC966R Washing Machine £100 Cashback SCE81864TC FridgeFreezer Int £100 cashback SCE8186VTC Fridge Freezer Int

£100 cashback

DCE731110M Double Oven £75 cashback L9FEC946R Washing Machine £75 cashback SCE81824NC Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback SCE8182VNC Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback
DCS431110M Double Oven £75 cashback L8FEC966R Washing Machine £75 cashback SCE81826NC Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback SCE8182XNC Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback
DUE431110M Double Oven £75 cashback L8FEC946R Washing Machine £75 cashback SCE81824TS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback SCE8182VTS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback
BSE874320M Single Oven £150 cashback L8FEC866R Washing Machine £75 cashback SCE81921TS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback SCE8192VTS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback
BPE842720M Single Oven £150 cashback L8FEC846R Washing Machine £75 cashback SCE81827TS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback SCE8182XTS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback
BSE774320M Single Oven £100 cashback L8FEE965R Washing Machine £75 cashback SCE81911TS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback SCE8191VTS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback
BPE742320M Single Oven £100 cashback L8FEE945R Washing Machine £75 cashback SCS8181ENS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback SCS8181VNS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback
BPE642020M Single Oven £100 cashback L7FEE965R Washing Machine £50 cashback SCS8181ETS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback SCS8181VTS Fridge Freezer Int £75 cashback
BPS552020M Single Oven £75 cashback L7FEE945R Washing Machine £50 cashback SCB61811LS Fridge Freezer Int £50 cashback SCB6181XLS Fridge Freezer Int £50 cashback
BCS552020M Single Oven £75 cashback L7FEE865R Washing Machine £50 cashback SCB61812LS Fridge Freezer Int £50 cashback SCB6181VLS Fridge Freezer Int £50 cashback
BPS551220M Single Oven £75 cashback L7FEE845R Washing Machine £50 cashback ABE68216NF Fridge Freezer B-under £50 cashback ABE6821VNF Fridge Freezer B-under £50 cashback
BPS351220M Single Oven £50 cashback L7FEE842R Washing Machine £50 cashback ABE68221AF Fridge Freezer B-under £50 cashback ABE6822VAF Fridge Freezer B-under £50 cashback
49176IW-MN Induction Hob £100 cashback T8DSC869C Tumble Dryer £100 cashback SFE58221AF Fridge Freezer B-under £30 cashback SFE5822VAF Fridge Freezer B-under £30 cashback
49176V-MN Electric Hob £100 cashback T8DEC946R Tumble Dryer £100 cashback SFB58211AF Fridge Freezer B-under £30 cashback SFB5821VAF Fridge Freezer B-under £30 cashback
47102-MN Electric Hob £50 cashback T8DEC846R Tumble Dryer £75 cashback SKB58211AF Fridge Freezer B-under £30 cashback SKB5821VAF Fridge Freezer B-under £30 cashback
47132MM-MN Gas Hob £100 cashback T8DEE945R Tumble Dryer £75 cashback SKE58221AF Fridge Freezer B-under £30 cashback SKE5822VAF Fridge Freezer B-under £30 cashback
17166GM-MN Gas Hob £75 cashback T8DBG842R Tumble Dryer £75 cashback SKS81826ZC Fridge Freezer InColumn £100 cashback SKS8182VZC Fridge Freezer InColumn £100 cashback
IDE842411B Combo Hood £75 cash back T7DEE835R Tumble Dryer £50 cashback ABS81826NC Fridge Freezer InColumn £75 cashback ABS8182VNC Fridge Freezer InColumn £75 cashback
IDE842421B Combo Hood £75 cashback T&DBG832R Tumble Dryer £50 cashback ABB81816NC Fridge Freezer InColumn £75 casback ABB8181VNC Fridge Freezer InColumn £75 cashback
DBB5960HM Chimney Hood £30 cashback T7DBG831R Tumble Dryer £50 cashback SFE81821DC Fridge Freezer InColumn £75 cashback SFE8182VDC Fridge Freezer InColumn  £75 cashback
DBB5760HM Chimney Hood £30 cashback L7WEC166R Washer Dryer £75 cashback SKS81821DC Fridge Freezer InColumn £75 cashback SKS8182VDC Fridge Freezer InColumn  £75 cashback
DBB5660HM Chimney Hood £30 cashback L7WEE965R Washer Dryer £75 cashback SKB81811DC Fridge Freezer InColumn £75 cashback SKB8181VDC Fridge Freezer InColumn £75 cashback
HK6042001B Induction Hob £50 cashback L7WEE861R Washer Dryer £50 cashback RCB83724MX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback RCB83724VX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback
HK634200XB Induction Hob £50 cashback L7WEG841R Washer Dryer £50 cashback RCB8372MW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback RCB83724VW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback
HK654200FB Induction Hob £75 cashback FSE83710P Dishwasher-Int £100 cashback RCB53724MX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback RCB53724VX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback
HK654200XB Induction Hob £75 cashback FSS62800P Dishwasher-Int £75 cashback RCB53724MW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback RCB53724VW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback
HK6542H0FB Induction Hob £75 cashback FSS62600P Dishwasher-Int £50 cashback RCB53324MX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback RCB53324VX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback
HK654400FB Induction Hob £75 cashback FSS62700P Dishwasher-Int £50 cashback RCB53324MW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback RCB53324VW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback
HK5400IKB Induction Hob £75 cashback FSS63400P Dishwasher-Int £50 cashback A72710GNX0 Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback AGE62526NX Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback
HKP65410FB Induction Hob £75 cashback FEE62600PM Dishwasher-Int £50 cashback A72710GNW0 Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback AGE62526NW Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback
HK674400FB Induction Hob £100 cashback FFB62400PW Dishwasher £30 cashback A72020GNX0 Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback AGB6226NX Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback
HK854210FB Induction Hob   £75 cashback   FFE62620PW Dishwasher           £50 cashback   A72020GNW0  Cabinet Freezer                £50 cashback 
HKL85410FB Induction Hob £100 cashback FFE62620PM Dishwasher £50 cashback S74010KDX0 Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback
HK854401FB Induction Hob £100 cashback FFS62700PW Dishwasher £50 cashback S74010KDW0 Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback
HKM85510FB Induction Hob £100 cashback FFE63700PM Dishwasher £50 cashback S73320KDX0 Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback
HKP85410FB Induction Hob £100 cashback FFE83700PM Dishwasher £50 cashback S73320KDW0 Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback
HK874400FB Induction Hob £100 cashback RCB53724MX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback ATB81011NX Under Counter £30 cashback
HG75SY5451 Gas Hob £50 cashback RCB53724MW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback ATB81011NW Under Counter £30 cashback
HG65SY4551 Gas Hob £30 cashback RCB53324MX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback ATB81121AX Under Counter £30 cashback
ATB8101VNX Under Counter £30 cashback RCB53324MW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback RTB81521AX Under Counter £30 cashback
ATB8101VNW Under Counter £30 cashback A72710GNX0 Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback RTB81521AW Under Counter £30 cashback
ATB8112VAX Under Counter £30 cashback A72710GNW0 Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback AGB62226NW Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback
RTB8152VXW Under Counter £30 cashback A72020GNX0 Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback RKE64021DX Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback
RTB8152VAW Under Counter £30 cashback A7202GNW0 Cabinet Freezer £50 cashback RKE64021DW Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback
RCB83724MX Fridge Freezer £50 cashback S74010KDX0 Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback RKB63221DX Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback
RCB83724MW Fridge Freezer £50 cashback S74010KDW0 Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback RKB63221DW Cabinet Fridge £50 cashback

Take advantage of this stunning promotion for purchases made between February 21 and 3rd April 2018AEG Spring Promotion 2018