Bosch/Siemens FREE installation and Disposal Promotion. 26 Feb -29 Mar 2019

Bosch FREE Install & Removal Offer

Exclusive Promotion - FREE Installation & Removal of old machine

26 Feb to 29 March 2019

Carters customers purchasing selected models below will not be charged our normal Installation and removal charges.

Restricted to BN, RH & GU Postcodes 


KGN36VW35G Fridge Freezer

KGN33NW3AG Fridge Freezer

KGN34NW3AG Fridge Freezer

SMS46MW02G Dishwasher

SMS25AW00G Dishwasher

WAN28201GB Washing Machine

WAT28371GB Washing Machine

WAN24100GB Washing Machine

WVG30462GB Washer Dryer

WTN83200GB Tumble Dryer


SN236W02MG Dishwasher

SN236W02IG Dishwasher

WM14N190GB Washing Machine

WM14T391GB Washing Machine

WM14T492GB Washing Machine

WT46G491GB Tumble Dryer

WT45W492GB Tumble Dryer