Siemens Cashback Promotion

"Siemens Cashback

9th October - 3rd December 2019"

Disctription - Model No - Cashback

Cooking Ovens

Single Oven HB578A0S0B 100

Double Oven MB535A0S0B 100

Compact Oven with Microwave CM585AMS0B 70

Single Oven HB535A0S0B 50

Cooking Hobs

Induction Hob EU611BEB1E 50

Induction Hob EU631BEF1B 50

Laundry Freestanding

Washing Machine WM16W5H0GB 50

Washing Machine WM14YH79GB 100

Washing Machine WM14YH89GB 150

Washing Machine WM14T790GB 70

Washing Machine WM14U940GB 150

Tumble Dryer WT4HY791GB 150

Tumble Dryer WT45M232GB 100

Tumble Dryer WT7XH940GB 150

Washer Dryer WD15G422GB 50

Washer Dryer WD14H422GB 100

Washer Dryer WD14U520GB 100

Built In Built-In

Washing Machine WI14W500GB 70

Built-In Washing Machine WI14W300GB 50

Built-In Washer Dryer WK14D541GB 50

Built-In Washer Dryer WK14D321GB 50

Dishwashers Freestanding

Full Size Dishwasher SN278I36TE 100

Full Size Dishwasher SN258I06TG 70

Full Size Dishwasher SN258W06TG 70

Full Size Dishwasher SN258B00NE 70

Full Size Dishwasher SN236I03MG 50

Full Size Dishwasher SN236W03IG 50

Slimline Dishwasher SR256I00TE 50

Built In

Built-In Slimline Dishwasher SR636D00MG 50

Built-In Slimline Dishwasher SR656X01TE 70

Built-In Full SIze Dishwasher SX736X19ME 70

Built-In Full SIze Dishwasher SN736X19ME 70

Built-In Full SIze Dishwasher SN658D02MG 70

Built-In Full SIze Dishwasher SN658D01MG 70

Built-In Full SIze Dishwasher SN658D00MG 70

Built-In Full SIze Dishwasher SN678D06TG 100

Cooling Built In

Built-In Fridge KI81RAD30 100

Built-In Fridge KI81RAF30G 100

Built-In Fridge KI82LAF30 100

Built-In Fridge KI81RVS30G 50

Built-In Freezer GI81NAE30G 50


Fridge Freezer KG49NXI30 100

Tall Freezer GS36NVX3PG 70

Tall Fridge KS36VVX3PG 100

Fridge Freezer KG36VVI32G 50

Fridge Freezer KG39NXB35G 70

Single Door Freezer GS36NAI3P 70

Single Door Fridge KS36FPI3P 100

Fridge Freezer KG34NVX3AG 50

Bean to cup Coffee

EQ.9 s300, Black, Coffee Machine

TI923309RW 300

EQ.9 Plus connect s700, Black, Coffee Machine

TI9573X9RW 300

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