Miele Latest Promotions

OFFER:Washing Machine/Dishwasher Cashback.

Save money on top rated selected machines.

£100 Cashback on WDD030 at point of sale! Take this amount off the sale ticket.Offer runs 25th May -31st December 2017.

OFFER:Ten year warranty on selected washing machines

10 year parts and labour warranty included on Selected Washing Machines All Miele domestic appliances come with a free 2 year guarantee as standard which covers parts and labour.

However, to stand by the commitment we make to superior product quality.

From time to time and on limited products we extend the standard warranty by a further 8 years and offer a 10 year promotional warranty. You have 28 days from your purchase date to claim for this extended warranty. To activate the 10 year warranty, you will need to complete an application either supplied by us or through an online link with Miele.

WMR561 WDD030

OFFER: Make the most of your H2566BP Pyrolytic oven with the addition of HFC70 FlexiClip runners

Campaign period. Your voucher included in the purchase of the H2566BP can be used until the 31st of December 2017. All voucher codes will not be valid in our webshop after this date.

With the purchase of a H2566 BP Pyrolytic oven, you have the opportunity to redeem a free set of HFC70 fully telescopic FlexiClip runners, a simple addition that allows you to get the absolute best out of your new oven. 

The telesscopic runners allow baking trays and sheets, baking and roasting racks, and Gourmet casserole dishes to be pulled clear of the oven, and are held safely and securely in any position. The FlexiClip fully telescopic runners can be used on any shelf levels.

To redeem your fully telescopic FlexiClip runners, simply follow the below steps: Purchase a H2566BP from Carters through one of our stores or online and we will send you a voucher to claim the HFC70 Fully telescopic Flexiclip runners.

OFFER: Up to £30 off selected Vacuum Cleaners.

We are offering our customers a discount of £30 for the CX1 Excellence and CX1-Comfort Bagless Blizzard Vaccuum Cleaner.

We are also offering a discount of £20 discount for the following Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners. Classic C1 Junior Powerline. . Compact C3 Total Solution . Compact C2 Cat & Dog .