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Expert care for your fabrics, floors and more. Keep your clothes and linens looking new and your floors impeccably clean. High-quality washing machines are here to help. And with smart innovations, like automatic detergent dosing and anti-bacterial cycles. They’re game changers.

Watch out for key factors available on different models such as Fully electronic control dial for wash programmes, Programme progress indicator: Time remaining display,Delay timer 1 - 24 hours, Special programmes: Dark wash, shirts, sportswear, mixed load, allergy +, super quick 15/30, duvet, night wash, rinse/spin/drain, wool, delicate/silk. The Bosch VarioPerfect technology gives customers the option of using the default very energy efficient programmes or to hurry them up by using a little extra electricity. Bosch machines feature 3D AquaSpa wash system with cascade to quickly wet clothes accelerating their route to cleanliness. The Reload facility allows extra clothes to be added mid cycle. All Bosch machines will ensure the load is balanced to avoid shaking and putting undue strain on the machine. The sides of the machines are fitted with anti vibration panels keeping the operating noise to a minimum. Parents can rely on the child lock. Drum portholes are very generous at 30cm with doors opening as wide as possible at 180 degrees. 

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Bosch washer dryers give you the convenience of both a washing machine and a tumble dryer in one appliance. They also use less water than a standard washer dryer, while being able to wash and dry way more than the average washer dryer. These appliances are simple to operate and will provide you with great drying results time and again. If space is an issue then we recommend Bosch as a Top quality supplier of Washer Dryers that are regarded as most reliable.

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bosch tumble dryers

With Bosch vented dryers, your washing dries faster These smart dryers simply draw in air from the room, heat it and blow it through the clothes as the drum tumbles them. The damp air is exhausted to the outside through an air extractor hose. As a result, the drying process is particularly economical.

Bosch condenser tumble dryers aren't just economical to use, they're also easy to install. Because moisture extracted from the washing is collected in a container, they don't need the typical air extractor hose that goes outside All you have to do is plug it into an electrical outlet and switch it on.

Unlike conventional dryers, Bosch heat pump dryers don't use energy intensive heating rods to heat the air. Instead, we use a heat pump. This innovative component conserves and reuses the hot air which provides most of the energy needed for the next drying process. Heat pump dryers will save many £££s paying for the higher price many many times over

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bosch cookingbosch ovens

If you want to add some class to your kitchen and some quality to your cooking then you need a Bosch oven. These ovens combine top-brand quality and high-level performance to deliver you the ideal culinary package.

Bosch ovens also feature some of the latest technology to ensure that cooking is as fast and efficient as possible. Bosch take great care in their research and design, so you know that a Bosch oven will be intuitive and effective.

Transform your kitchen and your cooking with a Bosch oven. Check out our great range below.

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Bosch Microwave

Choose from a selection of Bosch freestanding microwaves. Compact and space-saving, these appliances offer maximum convenience for busy households. Bosch microwaves are simple to use and let you cook in a fraction of the time it would take in a standard oven.

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Bosch HOBS

Make cooking a pleasure with a Bosch Hob

Bosch electric hobs are versatile and easy to use. Stylish and powerful, these hobs look great as the cooking surface to any kitchen and let you create delicious meals with little effort. Discover how a Bosch hob can help you create amazing meals for your family and friends, time after time. With electric hobs, the heat is generated inside the hob by electric heating elements. The hob is directly operated over the TouchControl control panel on your appliance – that is how you always maintain perfect control. 

Bosch induction hobs can't perform miracles but they do perform faster than conventional hobs. A Bosch induction hob can bring 2 litres of water to the boil twice as quickly as a ceramic hob. So you can serve dinner faster using less energy. Leaving you more time to enjoy yourself.


Bosch Gas hob

For many chefs, gas hobs are still the preferred choice. With Bosch gas hobs, you too can enjoy all the benefits. Not only can you control the heat perfectly and instantaneously, thanks to their sophisticated design, our gas hobs are also easy to clean and absolutely safe to use.

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Stay in control of your cooking – eliminate steam and cooking smells right at the source. 

Integrated cooker hoods-Bosch integrated cooker hoods provide powerful extraction of steam and cooking smells, and can be closed neatly to conceal the built-in cooker hood unit when they're not in use. These powerful hoods are very quiet and also provide additional lighting to your cooking area. Enjoy cooking in a cooler, steam-free environment.

Chimney hoods-Bosch wall-mounted cooker hoods provide powerful extraction of cooking smells and steam. These are ideal for kitchens where the hobs are installed in a work surface next to the wall, and look stylish to enhance your kitchen design. Additionally, these ventilation systems provide additional light to your cooking area.

Downdraft hood-The DownDraft hood is concealed inside your worktop, next to your existing hob. It rises up smoothly when needed and includes powerful LED lights to illuminate your cooking.

Venting Hob- the extraction hood is built into an induction hob, providing highly effective removal of steam and odours. This gives you ultimate freedom to cook how you please, with full control of the hob and hood at your fingertips.

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bosch integrated dishwasher

Bosch freestanding dishwashers: as flexible as they are convenient. To make loading even more convenient for you, we designed our free-standing dishwashers with extra flexibility for placing your dishes. With the VarioFlex rack system with VarioDrawer, you decide what fits in your stand-alone dishwasher, from espresso cups to a flower vase. Small, versatile, and efficient, compact dishwashers fit in any kitchen. You can simply place them on the counter.

Semi integrated dishwashers require the kitchen plinth to be fixed in front of the machine and a furniture door positioned below the exposed control panel at the top. This type of dishwasher does blends in well with the rest of your kitchen but offers the convenience of the control fascia (often available in different colours) being clearly visible to the user.

Fully integrated dishwashers are designed to be totally hidden behind the full height furniture door matching the rest of the kitchen. They again require a plinth to be fixed at the base of the dishwasher allowing you to maintain a seamless look. Fully integrated dishwashers have their controls hidden on the top of the door being only visible in use. Some models even project the time remaining on to the floor.

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Best deals on all kinds of Freezers at Carters. It is important to select the best model for your needs. Look out for energy efficient models bearing in mind that these models are in use 24 hours a day. Freezers are available in different sizes and colours and in Freestanding or Integrated/Built In forms. Whilst Freestanding freezers can be placed anywhere, Built in models are designed to be hidden by the kitchen furniture door. Many models also come with frost free technology which eliminates defrosting duties.Choose between Chest Freezers, Integrated Freezers Standard and Frost Free, Table Top Freezers and Standard or Frost Free Upright Freezers.

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We know how important it is to eat healthily so we stock and promote Fridge Freezers that are capable of storing food in a safe and energy efficient manner.

Choose here between Standard Fridge Freezers or the Frost Free versions that will cost less in the long run! We also offer Integrated Fridge Freezers to our customers who wish to create that seamless kitchen. Bosch Fridge freezers with VitaFresh keep food fresher for longer than standard fridges. Different foods need different conditions to keep food fresher for longer and provide essential nutrients for a healthy diet. VitaFresh’s temperature and humidity controlled compartments enable you to store different fresh foods separately and in the best possible environment. Bosch’s FreshSense system uses sensors to constantly monitor and control the ambient fridge and freezer temperature to help preserve freshness and flavour. Features like adjustable shelves and fully extendable drawers make it easy to maximise the space available different items, and reduces the time it takes to store and find them. Bosch NoFrost’s built-in sensors monitor condensation and remove it from the freezer before ice can form, meaning you never have to manually defrost again. Bosch’s SuperCooling and SuperFreeze functions temporarily lower the temperature in the fridge and freezer for when you have new shopping to load in, protecting both new and existing food.

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bosch fridge

Choose between Freestanding and Integrated Fridges and Larder Fridges including Table Top Fridges. The most popular Standard Fridge is supplied with an ice box but there is a good selection of larder fridges. We are a nation of food lovers with differing tastes. A good fridge will keep food fresh and save money. 

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