Heating Appliances at Carters in Brighton and Sussex

Carters Domestic Appliances stock a range of home electrical goods including small space heaters which are ideal in areas where it is not practical to instal conventional radiators. Oil filled radiators with an output of 1.5, or 2kw come with a choice of heat settings, castors for easy manoeuvrability, and because they are sealed they are maintenance free for life. Covered by generous guarantee periods and safety cut-outs these heaters are ideal for warning up small spaces.

The ambience of a real fire without the soot

For a traditional heating solution in an otherwise redundant hearth, flueless stove type gas fires go some way to creating the ambience of a real fire. A basket style, flicker-flame effect electrical fire finished in black with real coal also offers a similar effect which delivers heat from a fan heater of up to 2kw.

Are portable electrical fires expensive to run?

Most small space heaters are designed to do just that i.e raise the ambient temperature in areas of your home where they are not better served by central heating. This could be a hallway, conservatory, studio flat, or a bedroom, for example, or even an outside office space or garage. Fan heaters can heat a space quicker than most other heating appliances but are not necessarily cost effective to run if relied upon for long periods of time.

The bill from your electricity supplier will tell you how much you are paying per unit for your electricity, and you use this figure to work out what you can expect to pay to run a portable electric fire, be this an oil-filled radiator, a fan-heater or a flicker-flame effect ambience heater.

Let's imagine we run a 2kw fan heater for just one hour each day of a thirty day month, and the average cost of one unit of electricity is 13p.

Multiply 2kw by the number of hours the appliance is used in a month, then multiply this figure by the unit cost of electricity as shown on your bill:

2kw x 30hrs = 60kw x 13p = 780p. Divide 780 by 100 to get the cost in £'s to run the fan heater for 1 hour each day for a month = £7.80.

In general, halogen heaters are less expensive to run since domestic models typically have less than 2kw heat output, and can cost under 10p p/hr to run, depending on your tariff. Oil filled radiators can take the chill off a room whilst being more energy efficient, certainly they can be left running for longer since they are cheaper to run than a fan or convector heater.

Which type of moveable electric heater is the best for a small space?

Simply call in at any of our six high street stores in Sussex, where we have a huge choice of portable electrical, halogen, oil-filled, tubular and ambience small space heating options to choose from. If you are shopping in Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Horsham, Haywards Heath or elsewhere in Sussex, our team of friendly informed staff at Carters Domestic Appliances are on hand to help you decide on the right type of heater for your needs.