About Zanussi

Zanussi began as an Italian home appliance manufacturer in 1916, manufacturing stoves in Northern Italy. In 1984, Zanussi became a part of Electrolux AB Stockholm - one of the world's largest domestic appliance groups - and has since flourished as a key brand for design and functionality considerations. Although traditionally associated with washing machines and dryers, Zanussi products currently include gas and electric cookers, ovens, dishwashers, fridges, and freezers. Their entire range highlights the key attention to style that Zanussi employs at all times, with appliances that have been truly built for the home. Zanussi's current slogan is Get Living, although the "Appliance of Science" marketing campaign is still remembered as one of the most successful of all time. After 100 years of success, Zanussi continues to demonstrate their unique Italian flair with new products.Zanussi Washing Machines

WASHING MACHINES: Zanussi's selection of freestanding and integrated washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers are stacked with the latest innovations. Designed to make life easier, features such as Jetsystem+ and Flexidose set the Italian brand's range out from the rest. The Jetsystem automatically adjusts water and energy consumption along with the duration of the wash cycle based on the size of the current washing load. The Flexidose option uses your detergent intelligently supplying just the correct dosage for the selected washing cycle.   

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TUMBLE DRYERS: CONDENSER OR VENTED DRYER? Essentially, a condenser dryer can be placed anywhere within the home as it has an internal water tank that collects the condensed moisture from the drying process. As a vented dryer needs to expel moisture outside, it has to be positioned close to either an open window where the venting pipe can reach, or installed with external ventilation.

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COOKING: Zanussi Cookers are crammed full of features. Here are some of the optional features: Thermaflow-Allows different foods to be cooked at the same time without any transfer of flavours. Thermal Grilling-Uses the fan and grill to cook without the need to turn it over. Defrost- So gentle it doesnt even melt cream. Delicate foods can be defrosted in half of the time! Pizza Oven-Bring Italy to your home. The Zanussi Pizza oven will give wonderful results for pizza and other Italian dishes. Catalytic Liners- These liners absorb grease and at high temperatures the grease oxidises. A great help in cleaning. Multizone Oven- Hotter at the top and cooler at the bottom-ideal for Sunday lunch. Cool Touch Doors- Zanussi cooker doors are air cooled reducing the external touch temperature. Easy clean Enamel Liners-These prevent the food from burning on to the enamel interior making it easier to clean. Auto Cook- Ideal if you want to come home to a hot meal. Look out for cookers with a programmable timer. A Energy Plus- Zanussi cookers are mostly A Energy rated or better!- Save money year in year out. Large Cavity-Some cookers feature a large interior cooking area taking the stress out of preparing a meal.