Freestanding washer dryer

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Freestanding Washer Dryers

If space is at a premuim when looking for a washing machine or tumble dryer then there really is only one option; the washer dryer. This machine combines the virtues of a washing machine and has the added feature of drying the clothes the tumble dryer feature. Some washer dryers are able to offer the user the option of one programme to first wash then dry the clothes without ever opening the door until they are ready to be stored in a cupboard or being worn.

The most popular method of drying the clothes is the ventless system using a similar system to condenser tumble dryers. The air inside the drum is heated whilst the drum rotates. This is then passed through a condenser chamber usually comprising of cooled metal plates. The warm moist air condensing on these cooler surfaces which is then exhausted through the normal waste pipe from the machine.