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Our flagship store in Preston Road, Brighton attracts many customers from Hove and the surrounding areas. Many are impressed by the power of Euronics which is fast becoming a household name. All our stores are prominent supporters of the Euronics promise to offer superb value and choice . This is made possible by 10,000 retailers in the UK and Europe combining their buying power to drive prices down to not only compete with others but offer unbeatable deals both on the High Street and on line.The more Euronics purchases as a group the larger the savings that are then passed on to our customers.

We are able to offer these Euronics savings on many domestic appliance categories so add us onto your shopping list when looking for a cooker, gas oven, fridge, chest freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher. We guarantee that we will be able to impress you and save valuable time in your Hove home for many years to come!

Cookers and Gas Ovens

The kitchen is the social hub of any property in the Hove area. It is becoming the most important room in the home where families come together to eat and discuss their days. Consider an Electric fan cooker which allow offers better oven control. Integrated ceramic hobs are a also great option for ease of use. Induction hobs are becoming more popular giving even better control and savings than a gas hob. Look out for our special deals when we often include a pots and pan set made for these hobs at no extra charge! Gas ovens are being sold in greater numbers to our customers in Hove. They enjoy the rapid heating and precise control. As gas is a cheaper energy source it often means that these ovens are usually much cheaper to run.

Fridges and Chest Freezers

Efficient food storage is an important factor to most homes in Hove and elsewhere. It is inefficient to throw away food that could otherwise be stored safely in a fridge or freezer. Ask us for information on the best model for your needs or use the filter system on this website to identify the best solution for your individual needs. Fridges are an excellent solution when looking to store milk, unfrozen meat products and cold drinks. Freezers allow fresh or pre frozen food to be stored for much longer periods of time. You will find that we can offer spectacular Euronics deals on all refrigeration models

Food integrity is a vitally important consideration in any home and, to ensure produce stays fresh and safe to eat, fridges and chest freezers from Carters Domestic Appliances provide homeowners with perfect storage options. Fridges can be used to store chilled food items such as milk, unfrozen meat, sandwich fillers, spreads and cold drinks.

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Washing Machines and Washer Dryers

The washing machine is one of the most popular appliances in our range. We can offer Euronics models at budget prices ranging to vastly more sophisticated machines that will make washing clothes a breeze! Choose from different rates of spin, load capacity, energy efficiency, speed of wash programmes and warranties. We can find the right model for you! Tumble Dryers are also a good choice for the home. Choose from vented or condenser model or maybe a heat pump machine that should save you more money in the first year of use than the increased price at the point of sale. Washer Dryers combine the functionality of a washing machine with the convenience of a tumble dryer.


We are selling an increased number of dishwashers to customers in Brighton, Hove and other parts of Sussex. It removes this time consuming chore thought especially relevant at the end of the day when we all wish to relax and discuss the issues of the day with our family and friends. Dishwashers can be freestanding or be integrated models that can be hidden behind cupboard doors just waiting to take the strain!

Carters Delivery and Installation in your home

Our delivery crews are eager to quickly install your new machine and remove the old at competitive prices whether freestanding or an integrated model. We know the streets of Hove and the surrounding areas such as Portslade and Hangleton very well as we deliver here every working day of the week. Our crews are known for their friendly knowledgeable service. Watch out as they may be coming to you! Give us a ring today on 01273 628618