Why buy a Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers have been growing quickly in popularity. A recent study has shown that they now account for over 10% of the total Tumble Dryer market.



Money saving

It is important to understand that these dryers will in fact save households £££s by using far less energy to dry clothes. Although Heat Pump Dryers are more expensive to purchase the difference in £££ can be saved sometimes within the first year of use! A typical Heat pump dryer will operate at an energy level of A+ whilst the typical condenser tumble dryer normally be rated as B thus using twice as much energy. It is not difficult to conclude that these dryers represent the future in clothes drying when energy consumption is becoming a more important purchasing factor.

Kinder to clothes

Another important fact to consider when comparing features beween models is that Heat Pump dryers operate at a lower temperature. Materials therefore will enjoy a drying cycle that is kinder to clothes.  

Longer Drying Times

Most Heat Pump dryers will take a little longer to complete their cycle as is the case of new energy efficient washing machines but in most cases this additional time can be factored inyto the day especially when far less energy is being consumed.

Heat Pump Drying Choice