Retra Extended Warranties

Retra Extended Warranties

Your questions answered

What does retra service plan actually cover?

There are two levels of cover offered. The first is a mechanical breakdown policy, our Silver cover. The second is the full Gold cover detailed on this page. The Silver cover offered is very competitively priced but excludes any accidental damage.

Are all costs paid for?

Yes. Call out. Labour. Transportation and replacement parts( unless parts are covered by the manufacturer in which case the manufacturer undertakes the service with no bills for the customer) and VAT.

Who carries out the repairs?

One of the many repair centres based all over the UK mainland as organised by Retra.

What if the product cannot be repaired?

When this is the case and the product is beyond economic repair, there is a generous replacement benefit.

Are there any exclusions?

Yes, but these are kept to the sensible minimum. eg cover does not include cleaning, tuning, batteries, misuse, accidental damage, and the like. Your household insurance may include cover against accidental damage, fire, theft, frozen food. Retra do not cover these risks so avoid duplicating of cover, and ensuring the best value from the Service plan. Whether or not you purchase an extended warranty, consumers have various statutory rights that apply to the purchase of your electrical goods. These include the rights to claim for a repair or a replacement for up to six years (five in Scotland) if your electrical goods when sold were not of satisfactory quality or fit for their purpose. Within the first six months the burden of proof is on the retailer to establish that the goods you purchased were of satisfactory quality and fit for their purpose. However after the first six months you will have to prove that the goods had a fault when sold to you. All Retra customers are provided with a certificate listing all terms , conditions, and exclusions. You then have 45 days to study and obtain a full refund if you are dissatisfied. After 45 days either party may cancel the policy and you will receive a proportional refund based on the unexpired portion of cover remaining, regardless of whether a claim has been made or not. When Retra compensates you for a total loss the product cover will end, but no refund will be given.

This service plan shall be subject to English law. None of the conditions affect your normal statutory rights provided by the sale of goods act.


Would you buy an electrical product without a guarantee ? Retra offers you;

Protection against service charges Unlimited number of repairs Generous allowances if products cannot be repaired Easy claims proceedure

Extended warranties for 3 or 5 years are offered on most products as an option when viewing the specific product page on this web site. You will then be covered for the term selected from the date of delivery to you. Full documentation will be despatched from Retra Warranty Services as soon as possible. Terms and Conditions however are to be found below.It is possible to purchase this cover retrospectively up to three months after the delivery to you has been made. In these cases please contact one of our sales team by telephone on 01273 628618 by fax on 01273 622544 or by email on Manufacturers express confidence in their products with their guarantee. In simple terms they are saying: "If the product breaks down, and it is our fault, we will repair it at no cost to you". This is usually for the first 12 months...but what about the second year..or the third..or the fourth.. or fifth or even longer? We recommend Retra Warranty Services who have the answer which does not require you to keep your fingers crossed or own a lucky charm! The Retra service plan can be taken out for a number of years from three to five years and more, usually to the end of the useful life of the machine, giving true peace of mind. It is an economic means of protecting against expensive repair bills, long into the future, with a single payment, in most cases equivalent to pennies per week.

Retra Service Plan and Conditions

What is covered.. We will pay the cost of repairs to the Product following mechanical or electrical breakdown (but not replacement nor replacement parts if the manufacturer provides you with a long term parts guarantee)

Limits of Liability: Retra liabilty in respect of any one repair shall not exceed the current value of the product less any depreciation.

The Product: The product purchased by you and used by you and your family at one address which is identified on the Schedule.

Current Value: Is the lowest value reasonably available.

Depreciation. The current value is reduced by 10% for each full or part year since purchased new. To a minimum value of 30%

Replacement. If repair to the Product is deemed by us to be uneconomic or if it is beyond repair, we will replace it with the same make and model or nearest equivalent. However we will not pay more than the current value less any depreciation towards the cost of replacement nor any costs of delivery and/or installation.

General Conditions

Private Domestic Use. This Service Plan is limited to products described in the Retra Service Plan Certificate, used (other than portable products) at the designated address within the United Kingdom, The Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands, by you and your family

Transfer of Interest. You cannot transfer this Retra Service Plan to anyone else without written permission from Retra Warranty Services.

Cancellation. Either party may cancel this Retra Service Plan by giving written notice to the other party. If you give such notice to us within 45 days of purchase of the Retra Service Plan, and providing no claims have been paid you will receive a full refund of the Service Plan Price. After 45 days you will receive a pro-rata refund commensurate with the unexpired period of cover.

Termination. This Plan will terminate:

a) in the event that after a claim, we replace your product or issue a final settlement. b) immediately with no refund in the event of a fraud or attempted fraud. bullet pointRenewal is at the discretion of Retra Warranty Services and is offered on most products as appropriate bullet pointNotice Of Claims. All claims must be notified as soon as reasonable, but not after cover expires.

How to arrange repairs. If the covered product develops a fault, first check any plug, fuse and the manufacturer's operating instructions before proceeding any further. (Remember if no fault is found you will have to pay any call out charge incurred). Cleaning is not a fault. If the fault persists contact your dealer if he carries out repairs or ourselves You may be given further tests or instructions to carry out or, a service call will be arranged for you. Customer Care. It is our objective at all times to provide a first class service but there may be times when you feel that this has not been achieved. If you have cause for complaint you should in the first instance contact your Dealer and if you are still dissatisfied contact The Managing Director of Retra Warranty Services.

If you are still in dispute or a difference arises out of or in connection with this Plan, it will be determined by the arbitration of a single arbitrator to be appointed by the President or Vice President of the "Chartered Institute of Arbitrators".

Unless specifically agreed to the contrary, this Service Plan shall be subject to English Law None of the above affects your statutory rights provided by the sale of goods act.


All enquiries regarding this Service Plan Certificate or any queries relating to the conditions and exceptions of cover must be made in the first instance to.

a) The Manager, Carters Domestic Appliances. 19-29 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 4QE. Tel 01273 628618 Fax 01273 622544

b) Retra Warranty Services. 1 Ampthill Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK42 9EY Tel: 01234-245900

What is not covered

Breakdown due to:

a) Any willful act or neglect

b) Failure to comply with the manufacturer's instructions for use or any required maintenance (it is most important that any regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer is carried out, and this is particularly so where gas appliances are concerned).

c) Faulty installation or connections

d) Rust or corrosion

e) The application of an incorrect or abnormal electric supply or water supply, defects in external wiring or cabling or in the electrical or plumbing connection not forming part of the insured product.

The cost of:

a) Parts where the Manufacturer provides a long term parts guarantee.

b) Work due to Manufacturer recall of the covered product.

c) General maintenance, adjustments, resetting of controls, tuning, cleaning such as recording heads, soap dispensers, gas burners and the like.

d) Accessories and consumable items. This includes but is not limited to batteries, styli, light bulbs, disposable bags, filters, brush bars, belts, leads, rewinds, plugs, terminal connections, and computer software.

e) Repairs to computer peripherals which are not listed on the schedule.

f) Accessories and other items not affecting the normal usage of your product.

g) Call out charges where no fault is found with your product or a fault not covered by this Service Plan.

h) Replacing your product because replacement parts are no longer available. In which case your product will not be deemed beyond economical repair but we will pay you (or your repairer) the last published price for the part(s) plus the normal labour charge for the fitting.

Compensation for loss of use or any consequential loss whatsoever.

Repair to damage caused by scratching or denting or from the direct application of a tool, nor to interior or exterior paintwork or casing.

Damage ensuing from faulty software or programming or reprogramming.

Damage caused by theft or attempted theft, fire, lightning, flood, ingress of moisture, or other risk which would be covered by normal Household Insurance.

The cost of:

a) Rectifying any blockages and damage caused by any foreign body.

b) Gaining access to or replacing the product from or to any housing or fittings.

c) Realignment of aerials and satellite dishes or removal of debris from or weather damage to satellite dishes.

d) Disposal of your product or any failed component part following repair or replacement.