Euronics in Billingshurst

Euronics Stores: The best choice for your Billingshurst kitchen

Why pay more than you need to for a new washing machine?

Consider visiting a Carters Euronics store if you're looking for a new washing machine, or any other type domestic appliance for the kitchen and home. We believe our special Euronics deals are unbeatable in Billingshirst, and elsewhere in the country. Buying your washing machine, chest freezer, electric cooker or microwave from Carters Domestic Appliances will certainly cost you less! We have a store (Carterts of Storrington) offering a great selection of products in ine of the largest stores in the Storrington high street. Give us a ring on 01903 959900. 

All types of domestic appliances

Who are Euronics and how can they help you?

Euronics is a well known group of around 10,000 independent retailers of kitchen white goods. You may have seen them advertise on TV, Radio, in newspapers, and on social media. Such is the buying power of this collective of like minded electrical appliance suppliers, who have formed this organisation throughout Europe to drive prices down on behalf of our customers. Look at the choice in the Euronics section within this website where you'll find every item is guaranteed to be advertised at the lowest price possible. Not only that, but you'll find bargains for a huge range of appliances, such as electric cookers and gas ovens, for example.

Carters are ready to deliver and install at your home in Billingshurst

Our large warehouse in Storrington just a few miles away from Billinghurst allows us to stock huge volumes of washing machines, tumble dryers, and dishwashers, ready to deliver and install at your home in Billingshurst!

Our staff at our Horsham store and our newest store in Storrington are passionate about what is on sale and will be keen to discuss the features and benefits of electric and gas ovens, fridges, microwaves, washer dryers and more. Our delivery crews are on hand to deliver and install your new machine and remove the old at competitive prices; regardless of the type of model, freestanding or integrated. We know Billingshurst and its local area very well as we deliver here most days of the week. Our crews are known for their friendly knowledgeable service, so keep an eye open for our brightly coloured vans as they may be coming to you within 24hrs of you purchasing your new appliance from us. Give us a ring for more information, today!