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For over 60 years Liebherr has specialised in the manufacture of high quality, innovative fridges and freezers. From the initial stages of product design, and continuing through development, production and marketing, Liebherr focuses on manufacturing innovative products of the highest quality with timeless and elegant design. We consistently implement new ideas and improved technology to ensure optimum food storage and quality. Characterised by elegant and timeless design, Liebherr’s fridges and freezers fulfil and surpass the highest aesthetic demands. Extensive detailing – as seen in the superb stainless steel craftsmanship, the choice of high quality materials, the stylish interior fittings, and the practical GlassLine door interior – is typical in their appliances and reveals their design quality. Liebherr was first to implement lots of ideas that are now standard features in today’s fridges and freezers. For example: fully enclosed FrostSafe freezer drawers that prevent loss of chilled air when the appliance is opened; patented BioFresh technology; and convenient, SoftSystem cushioned door closure.

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1. BioFresh.

With BioFresh technology food keeps fresh for much longer. When stored at a temperature close to 0°C and at the correct humidity level, many foods retain their nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals,for far longer than in a conventional fridge compartment. It goes without saying that it is extremely important for newly purchased and freshly harvested foods to be stored properly so that their nutrients are preserved for longer. The shelf life and freshness of most fruit and vegetables can be significantly extended by storing them in a fridge, particularly in a BioFresh compartment. Surprisingly, the vitamin content of fruit and vegetables has been found to increase during storage in a BioFresh compartment. With high humidity, the HydroSafe offers a perfect storage climate for fruit and vegetables. The drier conditions in the DrySafe are ideal for storing of meat, fish and dairy products. The moist HydroSafe climate can be changed to a dry DrySafe climate using the humidity slide control.

2. Innovation.

Liebherr was first to implement lots of ideas that are now standard features in today’s fridges and freezers. For example: fully enclosed FrostSafe freezer drawers that prevent loss of chilled air when the appliance is opened; patented BioF resh technology; and convenient, SoftSystem cushioned door closure.

3. Innovative Ideas

Liebherr place great importance on the continual ongoing development of their products. Therefore, at all of their production sites, they have state-of-the-art design centres with highly skilled employees. Their goal is to be "Best in Class" in every respect. For example, Liebherr’s current appliances are super-economical in terms of energy consumption thanks to the incorporation of advanced electronics and optimised refrigeration design.

4. Efficiency

A large proportion of their appliances fall into the highest efficiency classes. Liebherr aim to produce energy-saving appliances that do not compromise on convenience. Many of their current appliances are as much as 20% more economical than the threshold value required for the A+++ class.

5. Innovation

Innovation for even greater freshness.

The latest fridges and freezers offer the ideal climate zone for almost every type of food. So, in addition to the classic refrigerator compartment, Liebherr offers: the BioCool box: a fruit and vegetable compartment in which humidity can be regulated; BioFresh drawers, in which meat, fish, dairy products, and fruit/vegetables all find their ideal storage climate; and a NoFrost freezer compartment that offers professional quality freezing.

Innovative in every detail

It couldn’t be easier to set and adjust appliances with touch screen operation. The GlassLine storage shelves can be adjust ably positioned for tailored use of the interior space. Drinks storage is provided in the door interior and, depending on the model, a bottle rack or versatile bottle shelf offer additional practical storage solutions.

Liebherr Wine Coolers

Where wine is concerned, correct temperatures are always important. From the air temperature which ensures perfect growth of the grapes, to that which governs the aging processes in production, to the balanced temperature for storage of the finished wine. Above all, temperature ultimately defines a wine’s taste and palate – the serving temperature will determine how much it is savoured and enjoyed.

Perfect storage and temperature control

Electronic control system.

Liebherr’s highly precise electronic control systems and advanced air conditioning technologies guarantee appliances maintain a constant interior temperature, even in the event of major fluctuations in the ambient temperature.

Long-term storage.

With constant temperatures and a perfectly controlled climate, Liebherr’s wine storage cabinets and Vinidor models provide the very best conditions for wine to age without disturbance, and to develop fully during storage.

Optimum drinking temperature.

In Liebherr's Vinidor wine cabinets, which offer two or three wine safes, different wines can be stored according to their ideal serving temperature. Each wine safe can be independently programmed to between +5°C and +20°C, giving great storage flexibility.

In the multi-temperature wine cabinets in our Vinothek range, specialised climate technology is used to achieve temperature stratification within the appliance. Lower temperatures in the bottom section are ideal for sparkling wines and champagne, whereas a temperature of about +18°C in the upper section is perfect for red wines. Meanwhile, the temperature in the middle section brings white wines to an ideal serving temperature.

Optimum air quality

Optimum air-freshness. All Liebherr wine cabinets are fitted with FreshAir activated-charcoal filters, which ensure optimum air quality within the appliance. The active-charcoal reacts with any contaminants, binding them to its surface, and thereby filtering them from the incoming-air. In the Vinidor appliances, each individual wine zone has a FreshAir activated charcoal filter.

Ideal humidity.

If wines are to be stored for prolonged periods, the correct humidity is essential. At humidity levels below 50%, even the best natural corks start to shrink. This allows more and more oxygen to penetrate the bottle, and evaporation to occur; and, as the fill level drops, oxidation increases. Wines become gradually sweeter until they spoil completely. However, with humidity levels of at least 50%, Liebherr wine cabinets ensure the best conditions for both corks and wine. Thanks to an impressive vaporiser system and specially regulated air circulation, high humidity levels are sustained in all wine storage cabinets. Liebherr's Vinothek multi-temperature wine cabinets, with graduated temperature zones, are fitted with porous lava stone, which controls humidity