For over 125 years the Bosch name has been known for engineering excellence. Customers choose Bosch for their appliances because they are known for quality, reliability and great perfomance.As you would expect from German engineering there are no gimmicks or frills built into these products. You will find instead pure clean clinical lines and beautiful , functional simplicity that will enhance any kitchen. Robert Bosch words in 1921 still carry weight today" I HAVE ALWAYS ACTED ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLE THAT IT IS BETTER TO LOSE MONEY THAN TRUST. THE INTEGRITY OF MY PROMISES, THE BELIEF IN THE VALUE OF MY PRODUCTS AND IN MY WORD OF HONOUR HAVE ALWAYS HAD A HIGHER PRIORITY TO ME THAN A TRANSITORY PROFIT"


The collection of Bosch built-in appliances has been designed to give you perfect symmetry in your home.

Matching control panels and horizontal lines allow you to mix and match specific products vertically and horizontally. Every detail has been considered from the control panels, dials and knobs to the handles and door design.

Bosch prides itself on being Europe’s No.1 washing machine manufacturer. Bosch freestanding appliances also all contain technologies that not only improve our daily life, but our future as well. Bosch is constantly guided by this principle, from environmentally friendly production methods to researching new, energy-efficient technologies.


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