LG Centre at CARTERS


LG has opened its largest UK shop-in-shop in Carters Domestic Appliances in Brighton, East Sussex.

The white-goods area, which is around 57 square metres, is dedicated to displaying and selling the Korean brand’s premium refrigeration and laundry products, of which more than 30 are on show.

The new area was officially unveiled this week by LG UK’s president KI Kwon and commercial director of CE, Andy Mackay.

Speaking exclusively to ERT at the opening, Mr Mackay said: “In terms of scale and its geographical position, Carters is perfect for LG and gives us very strong coverage across Sussex and the South East, which is a prime independent retail area.

“It’s our single biggest shop-in-shop in the UK and has our broadest range of appliances in side-by-side refrigeration and washing. It’s a total investment from LG, with marketing, demonstration and ongoing training - it’s not a one-off investment.”

Added Robert Carter, director of Carters Domestic Appliances: “We started speaking to LG at Christmas last year. It was meant to be quite a small area, but as soon as we saw what they had, we were bowled over by the products and we thought that it deserved more space.

“It draws people in – it’s great for LG and it’s great for the rest of the shop. It’s given the store a dramatic lift.”

The latest shop-in-shop is the eleventh to be opened in the UK by LG ..test

(Pictured left to right: Carters’s directors Kevin Jappe and Jessica Carter;

LG UK president KI Kwon;

Robert Carter, director of Carters;

LG’s commercial director of CE, Andy Mackay,

Richard Carter, sales director of Carters

Reproduced with Kind permission of ERT