Dishwashers at Carters in Sussex

Dishwashing saves time

The dishwasher is an efficient labour saving device that can wash plates and cutlery at far higher temperatures than we could do by hand. The result is a far better wash performance simply because higher water temperatures (60℃ and above) are more efficient at degreasing, eliminating bacteria and maximising the power of specialised detergents. First time buyers of a dishwasher, whether standard size, slimline, freestanding or integrated, from any one of our six high street our stores in Sussex, wonder how they ever managed without it one. Why spend time washing dishes by hand, when all you have to do is to load the dishes into the machine, add detergent, and set the appropriate programme? Even the most standard dishwasher will be able to wash pots and pans that need an intense wash to remove stubborn food from oven dishes, as well as other items, such as plates and cutlery. The dishwasher achieves this by using multiple, rotating hot water spray arms that reach every part of the cabinet. Some models will include sensors to adjust the wash cycle depending on how dirty the dishes are.

Is a dishwasher expensive to run?

Consider the average size of washing up bowl typically found in most households: it holds 9 litres of water. One bowl of water per day, every day, equates to an annual consumption of 3285 litres. Typically, a dishwasher such as the A++ energy rated NEFF S513G60X0G, 60cm fully integrated model uses 2800 litres over the same period. A considerable saving of 85.24%. Doubtless you will use more than one 9 litre bowl of water a day to complete the same washing up task that a dishwasher can do all in one go; hence, the annual energy consumption will be also be higher. The model quoted above specifies a use of 258 kwh per annum. Look for models from Neff and other market leading brands in domestic appliances, with features such as a 'delay start', Eco or 'half load' programmes, quick wash options, and energy ratings A, or A+ and above, since these dishwashers are designed to deliver efficient, money saving results every time.

Family size integrated and freestanding dishwashers

Semi, fully integrated, and freestanding dishwashers come with a range of features, including anti-flood devices, for example, and can be seamlessly fitted into the overall design of your kitchen. Dishwashers are generally standard 60cm or, where space is at a premium, you can buy a slim-line 45cm sized model. Also available from Carters are 'table-top' machines from Zanussi, Bosch, and Indesit. These particular machines have comparable energy ratings, and can wash up to six place settings, where the larger Hotpoint SIUF32120 can take a load up to ten place settings,. Some dishwashers can take up to fifteen place settings, but they deal with all the cooking pots, cutlery and glass all in one go

Buy a dishwasher and save yourself time and energy

Which type of dishwasher you buy really comes down to how the kitchen is used and how it is intended to look after the dishwasher is installed. The door on a freestanding machine is fully visible, and usually finished in white. However, there are appliances which can be supplied in black, silver, stainless steel and other standard colours. A fully integrated version can be installed behind a standard kitchen cabinet door, as you would a fridge or washing machine, presenting a streamlined look in your kitchen. The semi-integrated dishwasher can still sit behind a bespoke kitchen door, but the control panel (available in different colours) will be seen.

We have stores in strategic towns in Sussex, and we offer a free 24hr delivery service to most areas, either directly from the shop or from our extensively stocked warehousing and outlet facility in Storrington. So, if you looking for a dishwasher in Horsham, Brighton, Southwick, Worthing, Haywards Heath or in the Storrington area, or anywhere else in the RH and BN postcode districts, then why not put us on your shopping list?