The Dishwasher is an efficient labour saving device that can wash plates and cutlery at far higher temperatures ensuring a far better wash performance. We often wonder why they are not used in more homes in near our stores in Sussex. So many people buy their first dishwasher whether standard size, slimline, freestanding or integrated from our stores and then wonder how they ever managed without it! Why spend time washing dishes by hand all you have to do is to load the dishes, add detergent and set the appropriate programme?

Even the most standard dishwasher will be able to wash pots and pans that need an intense wash as well as other items such as plates and cutlery. The dishwasher achieves excellent results by using multiple spray arms that rotate using hot water to reach every part of the cabinet. The better models will include sensors to adjust the wash cycle depending on how dirty the dishes are. Watch out for those with a delay start feature as it is then possible to run the programmes at night when electricity can be cheaper.

We have stores in strategic towns in Sussex so if you looking for a dishwasher in Horsham, Brighton, Southwick, Worthing, Haywards Heath or in the Storrington area or anywhere in the RH and BN postcode districts then put us on your shopping list!