At Carters we specialise in selling washing machines, Washer Dryers and tumble dryers of all types. Laundry appliances are an essential part of the modern home. Not as many people use the laundrette these days as these machines are invariably easy to use, efficient, cost little to purchase and last a long time. We sell Freestanding and Integrated models that will save hours of time allowing the family to enjoy their favourite pursuits.

So when looking for a washing machine use our product filter to finely tune your search to identify exactly what you would consider to be the best machine. Relevant choices for a washing machine should be more than spin speed, load capacity and the length of the warranty. The washer dryer is a good attempt at trying to be two things at once. A good washing machine and a condenser tumble dryer. We sell these machines primarily to homes as an excellent solution if there is a lack of space. The tumble dryer market has matured rapidly over the years. Where once the vented dryer was the preferred choice we now sell four times more condenser dryers. The drying time is virtually identical and can be placed anyhere in the home. Make sure you select one that can sense the dryness of the clothes as this system is a big bonus and will save money too!