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At Carters we specialise in selling all types of washing machines, washer dryers, and tumble dryers. Laundry appliances are an essential part of the modern home, but with so many models on offer, it invariably takes a little thought and time to decide which machines are going to give us the best value for money and prove reliable in their ability to get the job done with minimum maintenance requirements. However, despite the wide range of technical specifications, built-in functionality and design innovations from leading brands in kitchen white goods; front-loading, integrated, and top loading washing machines are evermore easy to use.

Likewise, since stated energy efficiencies are discerned by an EU energy rating index (ERI) typically A - A +++, to the lowest, G, each washing machine, washer-dryer, and spin/tumble dryer will be rated A - A+++, with A being the least efficient in terms of how much electricity and water the machine uses to complete any one of its programmed cycles. The cost of a new 6kg load capacity A+++ Beko washing machine can come in at under £200. Conversely, a similar capacity model from A+++ Miele is around £625. Qualification within the ERI; features unique to the brand; number of programmes; noise levels, spin speeds and warranties, are just some of the things which determine the initial outlay. All our laundry models, including freestanding, stackable and family-sized washing machines and tumble dryers are price matched. For you, this means that there is an appliance to suit your budget, and you'll never spend more than you need to.

What type of Washing Machine will fit my kitchen?

It is important to consider how much space is available for the washing machine whether it be a built in or a freestanding model.
  • 60 - 48cm width – A standard front-loading washer will fit
  • 48 - 34cm width – A slim front-loading washer is the favoured type for this space
  • 45 - 40cm width – This the minimum gap. Only suitable for a top loading washer

Remember that it is possible to use a stacking kit. In this way a standard washing machine and tumble dryer is the most efficient use of space.Washing Machine Stacking

There is so much choice. What washing machine load capacity is right for my home?

We would recommend this simple guide applicable to the average household. Consider how many times a week you intend to use your washing machine.
  • Light use: Under 4 times a week. We consider a 5-6 kg load washer to be suitable (unless large garments or duvets will be used.)
  • Meduim use: If the washer is in use 4 to 6 times a week, we would recommend a minimum 7 kg load washer.
  • Heavy Use: If used every day then consider a larger capacity 8 kg load or more machine. This should also reduce the number of washes saving time and money.

How does a washing machine work?

To understand how a washing machine works it is necessary to imagine two drums, one being inside the other. When you open the door of a washing machine the drum in view is in fact the inner drum, where the clothes are placed. It has a large number of holes to allow the water to be spun away from the clothes, into the outer drum by centrifugal force. Spin speeds vary, but rarely exceed 1600rpm. There are also a number of paddles that encourage the water and detergents to force their way into every part of the garment, separating the dirt from the fibres in clothing fabrics, before finally spinning away the dirty water. Traditionally controlled by a mechanical programmer, electronics and digital technologies have become a major feature in programming washing machines. Water is drawn from both hot and cold sources before washing, rinsing and spinning, whilst maximising the power of the detergents and fabric conditioners. A thermostat controls the temperature of the water, which instructs the heater to regulate the temperature to the required level, thus enabling a cool wash for delicate clothes, or a hotter wash for dealing with heavily soiled or badly stained items. The water pump is used to drain the water away through the general household plumbing system.

Which tumble dryer? Vented, condenser, and heat pump spin dryers.

Some might say that nothing beats the sight of a line full of freshly laundered linen drying out on a summer's breeze. However, this method of drying clothes is often a hit and miss affair and utterly dependent on the prevailing weather conditions. Too much sunshine can fade bright colours over time, and it only takes a light rain shower to scupper laundry days in an instance. Little wonder then, that the advent of the spin dryer came as a welcome alternative in solving a perennial problem: that of getting laundry dry in an efficient and timely manner. There are three types of multi-functional tumble-dryer on the market today:
  • Vented
  • Condenser
  • Heat Pump

As the clothes dry in a vented tumble dryer, moist air is drawn out via a 4" diameter plastic vent hose. It follows that this kind of appliance will need to be placed near a hole in the wall, or through an open window or door to allow the damp air to escape outside. The point at which the damp air exits can be a hindrance in so much that the hose is likely to get in the way, or an otherwise unattended window or door becomes a matter of security. In general, however, this type of dryer is cheaper to purchase, and they do get the job done. Yet, it is worth noting, that this type of appliance invariably ranks 'C' on the ERI and so are not necessarily the most economical machines to run.

By comparison, the condenser dryer is becoming the dryer of choice as it is almost as fast as drying clothes in a vented model. The advantage is that these freestanding or integrated drying machines can be placed anywhere, so long as the room is well ventilated. These tumble dryers, such as the Blomberg reverse action drum model, work by passing warm moist air from the drying clothes over a mesh of cold metal plates. This air condenses into droplets that are collected into a water tank, which needs to be emptied. It is also possible to exhaust the water directly into the house-hold plumbing system.

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Most top end manufacturers now include integrated heat pump tumble dryers in the higher end of their laundry appliance range. The introduction of this technology means that there is far less wastage of energy than in mainstream condenser type models. They work in much the same way, but with the addition of a sophisticated pump which is employed to return already heated air back into the drum. Heat pump models from Samsung, for example, offer a more efficient, gentle, and cost-effective way to dry clothes. This is evident in the energy ratings. A++ is not uncommon, and whilst these appliances may cost a little more to buy than the traditional vented, or basic condenser type spin dryers, the financial return is quickly evident, since they are using up to 50% less energy.

Shop for new washing and drying machines from Carters

Try browsing our laundry pages for a washing machine or spin dryer that suits your lifestyle. Use the product filter to fine-tune your search from all your favourite leading brands such as AEG, Bosch, Indesit, LG, Samsung and Zanussi, all of which show product details and specifications. This will help you identify an appliance that you would consider to be the best for your needs. If you're short on space, but regularly have a lot of laundry to do, then perhaps a washer-dryer might provide the perfect solution. By choosing a model such as the Bosch WVG30461GB, you effectively get two machines in one. A washing machine that can wash 8kg of clothes and a tumble dryer that can dry a 5kg load. As an added bonus, it comes with the money saving sensor drying feature, so you don't have to worry about spoiling your new sweater on wash day. Alternatively, call in at any of our one of our stores in Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Horsham, Haywards Heath, or our outlet store in Storrington, where we're serving customers throughout Sussex