About Rangemaster




Rangemaster is the world's oldest cooker manufacturer.  The very first range cooker, the Kitchener, was invented and built on the same site as the current current factory in 1830 and revolutionised how people cooked. 181 years later Rangemaster still manufactures all of their cookers in Royal Leamington Spa and are immensely proud of their long and rich heritage.


As well as inventing the world's first cooker, Rangemaster are part of AGA Rangemaster, a group which is home to the world's most aspirational range cooking brands including AGA, Rayburn, Redfyre, Stanley, Falcon, Mercury and La Cornue.  Consequently their expertise in range cooking is second to none and that means they are always focused on ensuring every one of their range cookers is manufactured to exacting standards.


Rangemaster are proud to say that all of their range cookers are manufactured at our British manufacturing plant, in Royal Leamington Spa, where the very first range cooker was built back in 1830. There is continual investment in their UK facilities and aim to retain and increase the level of manufacturing done on British turf.


Over the years Rangemaster cookers have won many awards. The Kitchener won one of only 19 gold medals awarded at the Great Exhibition of 1851 where it was chosen out of over 30,000 exhibitors. More recently the Professional+ 90 was voted the best buy cooker by Which? magazine in their range cooker review.


A freestanding range cooker has so many advantages over the built-in oven. As well as providing a statement centrepiece to the kitchen – whether it’s professional-style stainless steel or a colourful finish – a range cooker can offer so much more in terms of cooking capacity and flexibility.

Choose a Rangemaster range cooker and you can benefit from a bigger oven – two ovens if you prefer – including a multifunctional oven that can defrost, fan grill, brown and fan assist, with rapid response for faster heat-up times. You’ll also have a high-powered grill, a choice of gas, ceramic or induction hob, powerful wok burner and storage drawer. That’s a lot packed into a cooker that’s only 30cm wider than a standard built-in oven. Don’t forget you can choose from a variety of sizes, styles and colours to suit your scheme, so no matter what your culinary needs are, a range cooker is the ultimate all-in-one solution.

Whether you are planning a traditional or an ultra contemporary kitchen, there is a range cooker designed to fit perfectly into your design scheme.

When you purchase a range cooker, you only have to buy a single item rather than all the other pieces associated with buying a built-in option e.g worktop and cabinets.

The multifunction oven offers seven functions for really flexible cooking. From crisping up the base of your pizza to browning your favourite pasta dish!

The ovens in a range cooker are bigger, typically 20% bigger than an average 60cm built-in oven which means you can cook more and worry less about timing your dishes and keeping food warm.

Most Rangecookers have two ovens so you can cater for bigger groups and, because there is plenty of cooking space all your dishes can be cooking at the same time leaving you free to enjoy being with your guests.