About Zanussi

ZANUSSI-a very Italian company with latin charm and flair.

  • An enterprising young Antonio Zanussi began making stoves in 1916 in North East Italy. A range of new inventive products was soon established. The company continued to grow to employ a workforce of some 300 people in the 1950s when it was led by Antonio’s son Lino. The company was then known throughout the various countries in Europe for manufacturing gas cookers considered to be at the cutting edge of technology. The cookers were easy to use, had great specifications yet were built on a compact frame to fit most kitchens
  • In the 1980s, Zanussi became part of the Electrolux AB Stockholm group.
  • Major investment into innovative products has resulted in this first vision being carried through to the present day. Zanussi domestic appliances are designed for the busy modern world yet retain this vision of Italian design, flair and quality to ensure great reliability.
  • The Zanussi philosophy is simple. Leisure time is important. Zanussi appliances are designed to save time and effort in your home to allow you to get on with things that matter to you! They will fit beautifully into your kitchen or utility room yet be priced at an affordable level. Don’t be tied down by everyday home chores when Zanussi appliances can free you to do what you want!