Choosing your kitchen

Choosing a Nolte Kitchen allows for so much choice.

Nolte kitchens can be bespoke or modular

Make sure you create a kitchen to suit your needs. Let us help you decide on the design, materials and your own personal style.

  • Would you wish your kitchen to be bespoke and unique or maybe modular and extendable if thinking about extending this room in the future.
  • Do you want your kitchen to be a place to work and live in?
  • How many persons will be using thre kitchen?
  • How often do you cook and what is the style of your cooking?
  • Which type of environment and style do you feel at home in and what words best describe your taste in kitchens?
  • What storage space do you require and what kitchen appliances do you need to incorporate? Optimise your workflows. Plan your work paths between the triangle of Refrigerating.storing food, cooking and dishwashing. Don't get in each others way.Important utensils are best kept near the hob whilst food should be stored near the area in which it is prepared.Look out fior the Nolte extra deep pull out drawers giving an extra 32% more storage space.
  • How tall are the people using the kitchen? Would you like different working heights or deeper worktops for the cooking/dishwashing/food preparation areas?-Nolte kitchens let you match the working height to how tall you are. The Matrix 150 system allows the worktops to be set at the best height even creating different levels for people taller or shorter than yourself!


Great effect! Nolte kitchens provide the option of adding LED Lighting to the horizintal handle trims on base units. lighting effect nolte kitchens

In addition modern LED lighting can be used to provide a pleasantly gentle and versatile effect to match your mood or even brighten your day.

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