Kitchen Storage Features

Pantry System & Wood Effect Drawers

A luxurious chef’s pantry is a priority for the organised family home and something universally loved and admired. It really does add something special to any kitchen design. Available in either Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut to compliment or contrast your kitchen colour choice, there are a wide variety of aspirational internal storage solutions to give you the flexibility to create your perfect pantry design. Masterclass have designed a wide selection of formats for the pantry system that include different drawer styles, wine racks, spice drawers and shelving for 6 different pantry widths. Our new pantry system can even be retrofitted into existing kitchen larders. Organising your kitchen has never been more satisfying!

The new drawer box option offers Masterclass customers even more choice to create their perfect kitchen. Available in two colours; Portland Oak and Tuscan Walnut, the drawers are a beautiful design feature - giving your kitchen the extra wow factor. Designed specifically to enhance and fit in with the overall design aesthetics of any kitchen they will look fabulous to guests whenever you open your kitchen drawers. They are also available with matching accessories and come with 40kg capacity drawer runners as standard and up to 60kg for larger drawers, that we believe are the finest of their type in the world

The Legrabox R-Design

Exclusive to Masterclass Kitchens, the Legrabox R-Design is stunning. The best in quality and design. The drawer is finished in brushed stainless steel giving it a wonderful aesthetic value, whilst the inside features our new textured finish, Anthracite Lined, which is a decadent complement to the modern brushed steel. The Legrabox R-Design makes what's inside a Masterclass Kitchen as beautiful as the outside!

The Next Generation of Storage Solutions

The Masterclass new storage systems are designed to reduce the cost of internal storage to give an alternative to more expensive chrome wirework. This also allows you to match the drawer box choice throughout the rest of your kitchen. The Masterclass Space Tower and Pull Out Systems are available in Legrabox R-Design with Anthracite Linen internals, Tuscan Walnut or Portland Oak.

The Classic Larder

The classic larder offers many options for storing supplies. Opening the cabinet door will trigger one of those thrilling moments where the rear shelves are automatically drawn towards the user, creating an impressive overview of easily accessible supplies.

Internal Drawers

Internal drawers can be concealed behind both doors and drawers. They also allow you to conceal the drawers and maintain the design aesthetics of a highline kitchen without having to expose the drawer.

Pull out Drawers and Le Mans Storage

Pull out Drawers-Larder units with inner pull out drawers significantly increase the ease of use in consumables storage. Each drawer provides direct access from both the front and the sides. Since inner drawers always provide an excellent overview of your provisions, you are able to use them more efficiently and quickly. Likewise, you can easily see when something is missing and needs to be replenished.

LeMans is universally regarded as the most practical user friendly corner storage solution in today’s market. It combines both a high level of storage and outstanding access because the LeMans trays swing out in front of the cabinet. LeMans allows the efficient storage of your pots and pans – and each one is always in easy reach as the LeMans trays operate independently of each other.

Tall and Corner Storage

Tall storage-In today’s kitchens, tall storage is planned either as a block or as standalone units. Quite often, that’s where you’ll find the technology focus and also the central food storage in the kitchen. The ideal and most practical solution is to locate storage units for fresh food and groceries close together in ‘tall storage’ with modern wirework systems.

Corner Storage-Thanks to modern wirework systems, corner units are now firmly established as a classic storage area in the kitchen layout. There are now many different corner storage solutions to choose from. A corner unit is the ideal place to store pots and pans, mixers and other kitchen equipment. Your local retailer will be able to advise you of the solution that best suits your needs

Waste Management

There are many different waste management options within the Masterclass range that allow you to incorporate your waste and recycling needs within your kitchen design. The issue of managing household waste is becoming more complex and with our variety of waste management systems, there will be one to suit your needs.