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Nolte Kitchens

At Nolte Kitchens you can create your unique design to suit your home- over 1000 choices!

What is the essence of a kitchen? It needs to look good be the centre of communication while cooking chatting and indulging. Make your work easier and kreep everything well organised. Consider Nolte KItchens to reflect your style whatever your budget may be.

Nolte Kitchens is well known as a top class superior quality manufacturer. It is no surprise that it has been voted Germany's favourite kitchen brand for the second time in succession.

The kitchen has always been a room for cooking in but it is now the communicattion hub of the home. Cooking, eating, talking, laughing, living, relaxing, working- life takes place in the kitchen. So when choosing the look of your kitchen take care to relect the individual style of your home and the needs of the people living in it.

Nolte Kitchen fronts in wood, glass, lacquer, cement and metal can be chosen. Alternatively high quality reproductions can be selected. These are in no way inferior to the originals but can offer a different feel. Whatever you choose, you will always get a top quality kichen that will become the centre of your home!   

The Kitchen is the social hub of the home

"The kitchen is the room of rooms.
We probably live more, and more intensively here than anywhere else in the home.
It is the place where we meet, where we encounter others.
As family or friends. As a couple.
We cook , we eat and enjoy ourselves in the kitchen.
We read, write, send emails, post messages and maybe philosophise a little.
..and quite secretly..the kitchen sets the rhythm of the day.
Good morning, then midday, then evening and sometimes night..
Which is why we love the kitchen."

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