Masterclass Design Features

Unique Teardrop Design

Create the illusion of curved frontages with our innovative new Teardrop feature wall and base unit cabinets.

Completely unique to Masterclass, we continue to strive to be at the forefront of fresh design led thinking in kitchen cabinetry.

Available in the Reno and Luna ranges the Teardrop feature will become the stand out feature in your kitchen design and the talking point amongst all of your friends!

Chef's Table

The Marlborough range boasts a range of specific features and uniquely designed accessories to create beautiful room sets. These features and accessories include a new chef's table - shown in Silk Light Grey featuring bespoke Chef’s table with Portland Oak drawer and under shelf.

Curved Cabinetry

Island Unit-Curved cabinetry can be used to create a semi-circular island unit as the centre piece of the room. This is achieved by placing four quadrant units together, complete with a single work surface. Offering sleek, contemporary styling that is right on trend and the ultimate wow factor for your kitchen. Available in our Reno range.

The Masterclass curved tall larder is a cabinet to fall in love with. Not only does it add a layer of subtlety to a run of kitchen units, it also adds a level of sophistication and individuality. It really is the perfect upgrade to make your design stand head and shoulders above the rest and it’s also incredibly practical!-Available in the following - Auden, Howarth, Hutton, Luna, Maine & Reno.

S shaped Design

S-shaped drawers help add interest to the kitchen, breaking up a standard run of units by offering a subtle design feature to your kitchen. Available in the following - Auden, Howarth, Hutton, Luna, Maine, and Reno.

Just like the S-Shaped curved drawers the curved tall larder adds interest to your kitchen by breaking up the lines of the design. It softens the line of the units and makes the kitchen feel much more welcoming. Available in the following - Auden, Howarth, Hutton, Luna, Maine, and Reno.

Flight Unit Design

The Flight units represent a key ingredient to what makes Masterclass Kitchens unique. These Flight units make a bold design statement to make your kitchen design stand out. The angled wall units take their inspiration from the wings of an aircraft and accentuate the drawer pack design as a feature. The open end units on the base and the wall are also angled with open glass shelving to add an extra feature that you will not find anywhere else. It is available in Sierra, Strata, Reno, Luna, and Lumina Ranges.

Masterclass widest and deepest drawers

We believe these are the widest, deepest range of drawers on the market. They are available up to 2 metres wide and 650mm deep with a maximum weight capacity of 585 kilos. Widest, deepest drawers are available in all of the following ranges – Sierra, Strata, Luna, Lumina, and Reno.

Floating Cabinet Design

Design will continue to become more futuristic, with units that seem to float above the ground. They increase the feeling of space in a room and add the wow factor to any kitchen design. They are particularly appealing in an open plan kitchen, where the floating units ease the transition from the living area to the kitchen.